What not to expect in nursing homes


While we all know that it is rather unrealistic to expect anyone to approach the idea of a nursing home with glee, but what do we really know about the other expectations? Usually, the family members, the residents, and the facilities all have varying expectations, which is where things might get challenging. As such, it might be significantly helpful if you knew what is realistic to expect well ahead of time. Listed below is what you should not expect in nursing homes.

A one-to-one ratio
Retirement homes exist to provide assisted living only to the residents they serve. Regrettably, such care is usually not the one-on-one care most families had the ability provide a loved one at home. It is, therefore, better to expect the provision of help as soon as possible and not immediately. It may take several minutes for a call light to get answered even when it is turned on. This response usually depends on the needs of the other patients of such residences at that moment.

Same routine
In nursing homes, members of staff should ask questions regarding the history and preferences of the resident in need of assisted living to enable them to work out a suitable routine for the patient. However, everything will most likely be different from what was while at home, which does not mean the resident’s choices and preferences will not be honored whenever possible.

All medications to remain the same
The retirement home industry is among the most regulated in the United States, and these regulations include the type and dosage of the drugs received by residents, especially when it comes to long term care. For instance, while a hospital or the family of a patient might have had the ability to provide a sleeping pill to a patient every single night, nursing homes need to try alternatives before they start the same type of medication on a regular basis since some of these medicines increase the risk of falling.

In life, perfection does not exist, and unfortunately, it cannot be found in nursing homes either. Such facilities cannot perform a perfect job when it comes to the care of your loved one. However, you can always offer you advice or suggestion, especially when there is room for improvement. Calmly express your concerns to a supervisor in order to advocate effectively for the patient.

A large, private room
At times a loved one ends up in a nursing facility quite unexpectedly, especially after accidents or unforeseeable occurrences such as falls or unscheduled surgeries, which means they are now in an unfamiliar place. Even though it is possible to get a private room, it is important to keep your expectations realistic since such accommodations are not always available. For more information, please visit Sienna Living to find additional resources.


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