Moving to a new city or apartment can be stressful for you and your pets. While a local move can be annoying and stressful to your pet; an international move is a different thing for pets. Pets often become anxious by any little disruption even presence of movers in your house. Fortunately, you can reduce the amount of stress that the moving process subjects your pet into by following some of these guidelines.

1. Keep pets away from the action
One of the best ways to reduce anxiety in your pets during the relocation process is keeping them in a quiet room, away from the activities of the movers. Alternatively, you can take your pet to a kennel for a day or two or leave it with your friend so that they are not part of the moving activities and chaos. If you choose to keep your pet in an empty bedroom or a kennel in the garage, make sure that you check on it often. Also, you need to try and maintain their routine so that they don’t get stressed.

2. You need to plan on how to move your pets
You can reduce anxiety and stress in your pets by planning your move. Pet transportation methods are several, and you can choose the option that suits your pet. For instance, you can fly with your pet or ride in your vehicle. Notably, not all movers transport pets; thus, you need to organize with the commercial moving Edmonton company in advance if you want it to transport your pet. Making these plans in advance will reduce anxiety for you and your pet because you avoid last minute changes.

3. Contact your vet
You need to inform the veterinary officer about your relocation if you are moving out of the area. Let the vet carry out examinations on your pet and prescribe medication if the pet is sick. The vet should also inform you whether or not the pet is fit to travel. You should also get records and prescription medications and ask the vet to recommend another vet in your new city or country.

4. Pack for your pet as well
Your pet will need toys, food, water and distractions during the relocation process. It is wise to pack your pet’s familiar or favorite blanket or T-shirt to give it an easy time relaxing and offer comfort during the ride. Also, packing for your pet reduces anxiety because it prevents scary or unfamiliar surroundings. You should also stop often to check on your pet, have an updated tag for the pet and feed it often.