New Orthodontist Trends


The newest orthodontist trends include clear or hidden braces for teens and adults. Both clear and hidden options have benefits and restrictions and are on the radar for trending beauty tips.

Why Choose Hidden or Clear Braces?
One of the biggest pros for traditional braces is straight, beautiful teeth followed by the ability to repair bite and jaw issues. The biggest con for braces has always been their domination of your smile for 24 months followed by food getting caught in the wire and brackets.

Clear braces and hidden braces do not dominate the front of the teeth with sparkling metal brackets and wires that trap exposed food particles. Instead, they use clear aligners or hidden wires and brackets that are placed behind the teeth.

What are Clear Braces?
Clear braces use clear aligners that are usually impossible to see. The aligners are made from a mould of the patient’s teeth in the orthodontist office. New aligners are continuously created in a pattern that brings the teeth into alignment over a period of months.

Benefits of Clear Braces

• Aligners are removed while eating.
• Aligners require very few dietary restrictions during the straightening process versus regular braces that require a detailed list of restrictions including nuts, chips, popcorn, ice, etc.
• Regular tooth and gum cleaning maintenance is used versus regular braces that require dedicated special hygiene efforts to prevent gingivitis, enamel scarring and cavities.
• Clear aligners are nearly impossible to detect.
Cons of Clear Braces
• Clear aligners can be lost.
• Clear aligners are costly to replace.
• Pets are especially attracted to the scent of saliva on aligners and pose a threat to removed aligners.
• Clear aligners can crack or break if they are not properly cared for.
• Clear braces are more costly than traditional metal braces.
• The aligners can only treat minor tooth and jaw adjustments.

What are Hidden Braces?
Hidden braces are placed on the back of the teeth facing the tongue and offer most of the same benefits that are provided with traditional braces. This orthodontic hidden technology is increasing in popularity.

Benefits of Hidden Braces

• Hidden braces can treat most of the jaw and tooth alignments that are treated with
traditional braces.
• Hidden braces do not catch and trap food on the front of the teeth.
• Hidden braces are nearly undetectable.

Cons of Hidden Braces

• The adjustment period can be painful while the tongue adjusts to the braces.
• Special hygiene must be used.
• Dietary restrictions are necessary.
• Speech adjustments due to a lisp may be needed.
• The price is higher than traditional braces.

Having beautiful, straight teeth is beneficial in so many ways and now sparkling metal brackets and wires can be replaced with clear or hidden braces. This is a trend that may soon become a norm.


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