Illnesses Treatable by Medical Marijuana


The concept of medical marijuana is still controversial in quite a few areas including Canada. It is legal for a person to use marijuana if a medial professional writes a prescription for it. The following are some of the conditions that could warrant a prescription for medical marijuana.

The AIDS Virus

HIV can cause a number of painful symptoms once it explodes into the full blown AIDS affliction. Some of the symptoms of AIDS are night sweats, chest pains, headaches, rashes, fevers, swollen lymph nodes and more. The medicinal marijuana can provide some relief for any or all of those symptoms.

Writer’s Cramp

Writer’s cramp is listed as a valid reason for a prescription for medial marijuana. Writer’s cramp is a condition in which a frequent writer experiences painful hand cramps. The purpose of the marijuana is to alleviate the pain.


Cancer patients can receive medical cannabis for their conditions at any stage. It can ease the heap of pain that they feel in various parts of their treatment and when they are suffering from the regular symptoms of the cancer. Many patients have found relief from taking medicinal marijuana.


Glaucoma is an extremely painful eye condition in which the sufferer experiences tremendous pressure. That pressure can cause loss of the eye sight if the person does not take charge and have someone treat the condition. Medical marijuana can relieve the eye pressure for a short while for the glaucoma sufferer.


Nausea is sometimes a devastating condition to have. Nausea occurs in certain digestive illnesses, but it can also occur as an effect of chemotherapy. Doctors can approve of medical marijuana to ease such nausea.

Where to Get Medical Marijuana

Patients who have a valid prescription for medical marijuana can either purchase the substance or grow it themselves. They must be 18 years of age, have the approval of a medical professional, and grow the marijuana with limits. The limit on the amount of marijuana that one can grow for medicinal purposes is 150 grams.

Many other conditions exist for which medical cannabis may be approved. The sufferer needs to make a appointment with a professional and ask about it. It is not illegal to ask about it or to take it. In fact, thousands of people have prescriptions for it and are growing at their homes right now. Call a doctor today if you are suffering with one of the above-stated conditions.


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