How Good Oral Care Improves Overall Health


Seeing a dentist every year to check on your oral health is just as important as your yearly check up to the doctor. Having healthy white teeth and a clean tongue are not only important for aesthetic reasons but for your overall health too. Taking care of your oral health will improve your overall health because the two are connected and influence each other.

Poor oral health can cause many other illnesses and worsen existing health problems. Good oral care, on the other hand, helps prevent health problems from developing or becoming worse. Here are three ways that excellent oral care improves overall health:

Cleanses Bacteria from Your Mouth, So It Can’t Enter Your Bloodstream

Bacteria in your mouth can infiltrate your bloodstream, especially when there’s a cut, infection, or dental problem in your mouth. Once in your bloodstream, the bacteria can lead to numerous health problems. It can also damage the lining of your blood vessels. When the lining of your blood vessels is damaged, plaque can build up inside. In short, you don’t want harmful bacteria from your mouth infiltrating your bloodstream as it can cause various illnesses. Good oral care will help keep harmful bacteria out of your mouth.

Helps You Maintain Confidence and Comfort in Social Interactions

Another way that oral care improves overall health is it helps you maintain confidence and comfort in social interactions. Remember that health is not just what’s going on with your physical body. Emotional health is important too. When dental problems develop from not taking care of the mouth and teeth, your confidence takes a hit. You may start feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious in social interactions as well. By looking after the health of your teeth and mouth, you can maintain confidence and comfort in social interactions.

Improves the Health of Your Heart

Numerous studies have shown a connection between dental health and heart health. By taking good care of your teeth and mouth, you will help keep your heart healthy too. The inflammation that commonly occurs with gum disease can cause cardiovascular problems like heart disease. It puts you at a higher risk of stroke and blood vessel blockages too. You can decrease the chance you suffer from cardiovascular problems by regularly seeing a dentist to confirm your teeth and gums are healthy.

Good oral care is necessary for good overall health. When you neglect your dental health, many other health problems can develop. Establish a family dental care plan to make sure that your family develops good oral care habits to keep not only their teeth but other parts of their bodies healthy. Keeping healthy teeth and gums helps maintain a healthy heart and increase your confidence and comfort in social situations.


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