Choosing the Right Dental Care Coverage


Dental care is important to every Canadian family. All families want to see other members live a healthy life an never have to lose their teeth or go through discomfort. A good dental care plan can prevent that from happening so that you can make you regularly scheduled visits to the dentist office. The following are some types of care that you can receive.

Dental Discount Plan

A dental discount plan is a plan can provide you with a set discount on a wide variety of services and procedures. The way it works is that you pay an annual fee to be a part of the group, and then you receive discounts of up to 60 percent off of your procedures. The providers usually give the prospects a preview before they sign up for the plans. If you’re interested, you will be able to examine the way the plan works before you make a purchase.

Employer Dental Coverage

Individual dental plans are dental plans that provide you with everything that you need. The difference between an employer dental plan and a regular dental plan is that your employer provides you the coverage in a benefit package. You pay only a portion of the premium because you work for the company. The discounts will save you a great deal of money that you can save and spend on your family members and your household. Ask your employer about dental benefits if you do not have coverage for yourself in case of a dental emergency. Employers usually notify their employees of the opportunity to obtain benefits rather quickly after they hire them. However, such is not always the case. Find out when you can enroll in your employer’s dental policy.

Individual Dental Plans

Individual dental plans are plans that you can purchase from a provider on your own. They have several parts to them, and those parts are the premium, co-pay, deductible and percentage. The premium is the amount that you pay every month for coverage. The deductible is a portion of the bill that must come out of your pocket before the insurance company will contribute any of their funds on your behalf. Deductibles vary according to your plan. The percentage is the amount of the bill that the insurance company gets after you pay your deductible. There are a few other aspects that you have to pay attention to like the annual benefit amount. You cannot receive any more assistance during the year if you use up all the annual benefits for that year.

Start looking for dental plans today so you can keep your teeth free of disease and decay. You will find something worthwhile if you search diligently. Visit Trillium Dental to learn more information.


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