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Too often, guests don’t consider their impact on the environment while staying at hotels. Water usage, in particular, is one of the biggest sources of expenses that a hotel owner faces. Guests may go out of their way at home to save water, but when they travel and stay at hotels, they forget or don’t bother with water conservation efforts. The reason may be that guests don’t have to pay the water bill at their hotel. As a hotel owner, you are keenly aware of how fast wasting water can make a utility bill rise. With some simple bathroom and sink plumbing services, here are four ways to conserve water in your hotel establishment.

1. Install Low-Flow Toilets

Low-flow toilets use much less water than traditional toilets, but some guests may complain that the flush is not adequate. To resolve this, chose low-flow toilets that are outfitted with two flush options. One option is for liquid waste and the second option is for solid waste. The liquid waste option initiates the low-flow mechanism, while the other option is a regular flush. A sign over the toilet for guests will inform them of how to correctly choose between options. A commercial plumber can install low-flow toilets in your hotel.

2. Install Water-Efficient Shower Heads

To conserve water here in the hotel showers, consider having a plumber install water-efficient shower heads in each room. Water-efficient shower heads conserve water by using force and pressure to satisfy showering needs. Your hotel guests will appreciate being able to enjoy what feels like a normal shower experience, and you will appreciate your lower water bills. Your plumber will be able to easily replace all your hotel shower heads with water-efficient versions.

3. Encourage Reuse of Towels

Hotel guests have long been asked to help save water by re-using towels instead of using new ones each day. This helps conserve water by cutting down on laundry loads in the hotel. But your guests may not want to do this because the towel may still wet from previous use. To encourage reusing of towels, install towel heaters in the guest bathrooms. This will enable your guests to hang the used towel on the heated rack and reuse it after it’s completely dry and pleasantly warm.

4. Fix Pool Leaks

A small leak in your hotel pool can add up to thousands of gallons of wasted water every day. Have the hotel pool checked for leaks on a regular basis. One indicator of a leak is an uncommonly high water bill. Fix pool leaks as soon as you become aware of them.

These three investments in your hotel will pay off in reduced water bills. Plus, you’ll also be contributing to a healthier carbon footprint for your hotel.