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Whether you are relocating with the help of college movers, friends or family, you’ll want to make sure you have essentials available during the move. Why? Because it’s no fun searching through boxes to find what you need in the midst of a move. This tends to cause more stress and dampen what should be an exciting time. You should pack the following items separately in a bag so that they are immediately available.

1. Laptop and Phone Chargers

If you’re like most people, you probably have a difficult time keeping your phone charged, especially if you have a smartphone. When moving, there’s often a lot going on, which means you might forget to charge your phone. If that happens, you’ll be glad you have your charger within reach. While it might not be as critical, there’s a possibility that your laptop charger could also come in handy. You may be able to find more resources and insights at the Matco Calgary Movers website.

2. Healthy Snacks and Beverages

Moving can be a rigorous process. If you’re able to hire college movers, then you are in much better shape than most people because they can make your life a lot easier on move-in day. Either way, be sure to have healthy snacks available to keep your energy level up. More importantly, have water or any other thirst-quenching beverage on hand so that you don’t get dehydrated.

3. Daily Medications

If you have to take medications on a daily basis, you definitely don’t want to forget them. Be sure to have them available in a bag that’s within reach, especially if it’s something like an inhaler for asthma. Even if you think you’ll finish moving in a short amount of time, it’s better to have your medication in a bag nearby then packed away.

4. Directional Signs

If you’re using college movers, you’ll want to make sure they know where to put all of your boxes. You may need to make directional signs. To do so, you’ll need markers, paper and tape. Pro tip: You can label all of the boxes in advance with an indication of where they should be placed by the movers. Either way, it’s a good idea to have paper and writing utensils on hand just in case.

While everyone has different needs, the items discussed are usually important to anyone moving to a new home. However, you may have an entirely different list of essentials. If so, simply make a list of what you need and place those items in a bag that stays with you throughout the move. It’s always better to be prepared even if you don’t end up needing what you packed.

If you are giving a wine lover a bottle for a special occasion, present the gift in a wooden wine gift box. Many wine bottles are delivered in paper gift bags, but you can make your bottle standout by putting it in a wooden box and then by adding some unique touches to the packaging. When you do this, the present stands out and shows that you took the time to do something different and unique for that person. The five ways to customize a wooden wine gift box are:

1. Have it engraved

A woodworker can engrave the front, top, or sides of the box for you. If the company you purchased the box from does not offer that service, you can find skilled wood engravers on the internet, or many artisans post their services in classified ads online. If you are handy, buy a wood engraving kit. Many kits come with templates and cutout that you can follow.

2. Paint a scene on it

If you are an artist, consider painting a memorable scene on the box. Some ideas can be where you met the person, a picture of their hometown, or paint a scene of a place where you have traveled together. If you want to find a professional artist, try contacting your local art association and check with local galleries. They can often connect you with a local artist, who might appreciate the side work.

3. Transfer a photo to it

It is not too difficult to add a photograph to a wooden wine gift box. You will need a photocopy of the picture you want to use. Set it on the box and apply a clear decoupage glue over it. You can find this type of glue at most craft stores. Once the glue has dried, paint a clear coat of varnish over the entire box. This will seal and protect the picture.

4. Wrap it

There are some clever ways you can wrap a wooden wine gift box. Grab a cloth gingham picnic blanket and roll the box in it. Place the blanket and box in a picnic basket with two wine glasses and snacks. The presentation is fun and useful. If the individual is a sports fan, order a scarf and hat with their favorite team’s logo or colors. Wrap the box in the scarf and put the hat on top of it. This wrapping job usually gets a laugh and a hug.

5. Stain it

If you have a light colored wooden gift box, you can apply a stain on it to add some color. Stains come in a variety of shades from golden amber to deep mahogany, and you can purchase small tins of them at most local hardware stores. Before you start, wipe off the box and make sure it is dust free. Place the box and lid on newspaper. Use a foam or bristle brush, and apply the stain. Let the stain penetrate the wood then rub it down with a clean cloth.

There are few people who actually enjoy the process of moving. While there are probably a small number of individuals that are obsessed with organization and find the process of moving therapeutic, perhaps even they find some aspects undesirable and end up getting help from movers. Although there isn’t a way to get around moving when it’s necessary, you can simplify the process. Beyond getting outside assistance, below are four ways to make your next move easier.

1. Have a Yard Sale in Advance

The moment you make the decision to move, one of the most important steps you can take is having a yard sale. In fact, it can completely change how you feel about moving for a couple of reasons. For starters, there’s nothing better than making extra money, especially since you can use the extra cash to decorate your new home. However, the most important reason for the sale is to get rid of things you either don’t want or don’t need. Reducing the number of belongings you have during a move will make the job of movers a lot easier and probably cost you less.

2. Set Aside a Bag of Essentials

A common scenario that happens during a move is that you realize items you need daily are boxed up. When this happens, it’s usually hard to figure out which box contains these items, which can make the situation unnecessarily complex. To prevent this from happening, simply choose a large bag that will serve as essentials you can use during the move. This is where you pack anything that must be accessible throughout the move. You can also use a large box or container if you have a greater number of belongings that need to be within reach. For additional insights, Matco is a useful resource to learn more information.

3. Organize Boxes by Room

If you have moved frequently, then you probably have a system for simplifying the unpacking process. While the focus is usually on getting your belongings from one point to another, you don’t want to make the mistake of not organizing your boxes by room. For instance, everything that must go into the kitchen should be labeled as such. If you want to really make things easy, consider color coding the boxes. The movers may facilitate this process by requesting instructions in advance.

4. Reduce the Amount of Heavy Lifting

It almost goes without saying that you should save the heavy lifting for the movers. However, you can organize your belongings and pack your boxes in such a way that you have to do very little lifting. One key way is by renting or purchasing a dolly to help while organizing your boxes and relocating items from one room to another.

These are just a few examples of how you can simplify your next move. Hiring professionals and getting rid of things you don’t need or want may be the best ways to boost the overall efficiency of your move.