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Patients suffering from cancer are usually eager to try out various kinds of medications in their quest to seek a cure or reduce the suffering and pain that is related to cancer. Naturopath or the use of alternative cancer treatment methods is very common and is encouraged by naturopathic doctors. The choice of complementary medicine to fight cancer to improve the quality of life is fully recommended by these doctors. This, however, does not mean that a cancer patient should cease using the conventional cancer treatment.

Types of Alternative Cancer Therapies
There are very many types of naturopath or alternative cancer treatments which are mostly therapeutic in nature. These therapies include meditations, prayers, nutritional diets, botanical, herbal and other holistic practices that seek to benefit the patient. Guidance and support on the choice of alternative treatment method are provided by the naturopathic doctors who teach the patients to use natural therapies safely to improve their general health and at the same time fight disease progression and preventing or reducing side effects. They may recommend specific supplements or nutritional programs that are usually customized to an individual patient. They also offer advanced alternative therapies like hyperthermia therapies and intravenous treatments.

The Benefits of Alternative Cancer Treatment Therapies
Although most of these therapies are safe some can, however, be harmful and should be avoided. A patient can sort the good from the bad with the help of a doctor who will direct him or her to the safe, evidence-based therapies. Even though these therapies may not have a direct influence in curing cancer, they nevertheless help the patient to cope with signs and symptoms like nausea, fatigue, anxiety, stress, pain, vomiting and much more. A good case in point is the use of acupuncture in the reduction of pain and nausea. These signs and symptoms usually increase the pain and suffering of cancer patients further worsening their overall health condition.

The use of this kind of treatments should be integrated with the traditional cancer treatment to relieve the patient of the pains. These methods are mostly easy to apply and are painless and any cancer patient can use them. They have a positive influence on the health of the patient and provide a number of benefits. Many cancer patients use these therapies because of the positive psychological effect it has on them.This helps them feel better about themselves and gives them the feeling that they are more in control of their situation. Therapies like prayers and meditations make the patients have a positive outlook on their situation and this helps them to fight cancer. Such therapies also contribute to boosting the immune system and offer hope for the cancer patients who are seeking a cure for their condition. You can learn more by visiting Dr. Sean Ceaser.

Seeing a dentist every year to check on your oral health is just as important as your yearly check up to the doctor. Having healthy white teeth and a clean tongue are not only important for aesthetic reasons but for your overall health too. Taking care of your oral health will improve your overall health because the two are connected and influence each other.

Poor oral health can cause many other illnesses and worsen existing health problems. Good oral care, on the other hand, helps prevent health problems from developing or becoming worse. Here are three ways that excellent oral care improves overall health:

Cleanses Bacteria from Your Mouth, So It Can’t Enter Your Bloodstream

Bacteria in your mouth can infiltrate your bloodstream, especially when there’s a cut, infection, or dental problem in your mouth. Once in your bloodstream, the bacteria can lead to numerous health problems. It can also damage the lining of your blood vessels. When the lining of your blood vessels is damaged, plaque can build up inside. In short, you don’t want harmful bacteria from your mouth infiltrating your bloodstream as it can cause various illnesses. Good oral care will help keep harmful bacteria out of your mouth.

Helps You Maintain Confidence and Comfort in Social Interactions

Another way that oral care improves overall health is it helps you maintain confidence and comfort in social interactions. Remember that health is not just what’s going on with your physical body. Emotional health is important too. When dental problems develop from not taking care of the mouth and teeth, your confidence takes a hit. You may start feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious in social interactions as well. By looking after the health of your teeth and mouth, you can maintain confidence and comfort in social interactions.

Improves the Health of Your Heart

Numerous studies have shown a connection between dental health and heart health. By taking good care of your teeth and mouth, you will help keep your heart healthy too. The inflammation that commonly occurs with gum disease can cause cardiovascular problems like heart disease. It puts you at a higher risk of stroke and blood vessel blockages too. You can decrease the chance you suffer from cardiovascular problems by regularly seeing a dentist to confirm your teeth and gums are healthy.

Good oral care is necessary for good overall health. When you neglect your dental health, many other health problems can develop. Establish a family dental care plan to make sure that your family develops good oral care habits to keep not only their teeth but other parts of their bodies healthy. Keeping healthy teeth and gums helps maintain a healthy heart and increase your confidence and comfort in social situations.

Sensitive teeth is suffered by some 40 million Americans. There can be any number of underlying causes of the problem, best diagnosed by a dentist.

Detin Hypersensitivity

A tooth primarily consists of dentin. Dentin is made of microscopic tubules filled with nerve endings. The tooth’s enamel – a tough outer layer – acts as a safeguard to the dentin in the tooth’s crown portion. The dentin extends into the root of the tooth where it’s protected by a layer of cementum.

Hypersensitivity or irritation occurs when there is loss of protective cementum or enamel covering dentin. This exposes the tiny nerve endings which will react negativity when contact is made with cold, hot, sticky or acidic consumables.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

  • Erosion on teeth due to significant ingestion of foods and beverages high in acidic compounds.
  • The exposure of root surfaces as a result of gum recession.
  • Temporary post-dental treatment sensitivity. A common occurrence with operations such as fillings, crowns and tooth bleaching.
  • Worn down tooth enamel from use of a hard toothbrush.
  • Using too aggressive an approach to brushing.
  • Grinding of teeth.
  • Worn leaky fillings, tooth decay and broken teeth.

See a Dentist

The first step to relief from tooth hypersensitivity is having a conversation with a dental professional. They will review symptoms, including when the pain started. Be sure to let the clinician know if there is anything that makes the tooth feel better, like a warm compress.

After an examination, the dental professional will likely have a reason for the sensitivity. They will prepare a treatment to manage the underlying cause. This can be replacing a worn or damaged filling, or repairing a cavity. Your dentist might apply a fluoride gel to strengthen enamel and reduce pain. If discomfort is coming from root exposed surfaces due to gum loss, a gum graft may be suggested. This is a procedure conducted by a periodontist to secure root surfaces and manage support of the tooth.

Products for Sensitive Teeth

If you are using a medium or hard toothbrush, stop. Swap out for a soft bristle brush, even if you are not having pain. While hard and medium brushes have their purposes, soft brushes are safe and practical for the majority of mouths. Your dental practitioner can tell you if you need a medium or hard bristle brush and why.

There are specific toothpastes engineered for sensitive teeth that can minimize pain if used regularly. They can block-off nerve endings in exposed dentin. Rubbing this toothpaste directly on affected areas after brushing may be suggested.

If you are suffering from tooth hypersensitivity, make an appointment with a dental clinician right away.

The fact that healthy, permanent weight loss can’t be achieved through weight loss supplements is becoming harder to believe with all the products in the market and the testimonials that go with them. They can help you lose some weight, but not much, and some of them can come with some serious side effects. Diet and exercise, on the other hand, will not make you feel shaky, jittery or leave you with folds of sagging skin because you lost weight too fast. The industry is always presenting new weight-loss supplements and detailing the ways in which they cause you to lose weight as well as how much weight they help you to lose and what kind of weight.

Weight-loss Supplements That Help You Lose Water Weight

Some of the online supplements Canada residents order are just for losing water weight. You may be wondering why someone would want to lose water weight, but it really comes in handy when you want to fit more comfortably into that dress next week. Since a lot of the weight in your body comes from its water content, losing this type of weight allows you to decrease your body size quickly. The downside is that you will probably gain the weight back quickly too unless you are following a diet and exercise program.

Weight-loss Supplements That Make You Lose Fat

There are some weight loss supplements that make you lose fat. While you won’t lose a lot in pounds, it will be noticeable because fat mass is larger than muscle mass. You have to be extremely careful taking these kinds of supplements. These types will also make it look like you did some weight training and gained some muscle because you will lose the fat that’s covering up your muscular build.

Supplements That Prevent Weight Gain

These supplements work by decreasing your appetite. They may come in pill form or in the form of drinks, shakes, teas or even delicious bars. The idea is to work on getting on a good eating plan during the time you are on these supplements so you can have control over your appetite and avoid being tempted by fatty foods, those with a lot of carbs and sweets.

Supplements That Prevent Fat and Carbohydrate Absorption

Fat and carb blockers are two forms of weight loss supplements on the market. They can be dangerous if you don’t check with your doctor to make sure they are safe for you to take. These blockers work by preventing your body from absorbing the fat and carbs in the food you eat. This does two things; it prevents you from gaining extra weight, and it helps you lose weight because when your body needs carbs and fat to function, it will take it from the fat reserves in your body. However, this could also cause you to lose valuable muscle too, so it’s really important that you get the advice of your doctor. To learn more information, please visit the Save on Supplements for their additional online resources.

Lap band surgery, also known as adjustable gastric band surgery, is the surgical process in which an adjustable band is wrapped around the upper part of a stomach, creating a small stomach pouch above the adjustable band. The little bag quickly fills up after eating. As a result of this procedure, patients:
• Feel full after eating, much sooner than they did before
• Lose from about ¼ to ¾ of their excess weight
• Are cured or achieve improvement regarding their obesity-related health concerns

After surgery, the filling and unfilling of the band is through a port located just below the skin, making the band either tight or loose, which adjusts how satisfied patients feel once they eat.

Preparing for Surgery
Your surgical physician works with you in the weeks prior to surgery and the exercises performed include:
• Health assessments that involve questions regarding your medical and surgical history as well as your medications
• Undertaking specific tests such as an ECG, as well as blood and x-ray tests
• Apart from advising you to lose as much weight as you possibly can before surgery, the surgeon will additionally establish a pre-surgery dietary regimen, which includes:
A) Increased protein and vegetables, a lot of fluids, no sugar, and lower carbs two weeks before surgery.
B) Broth, clear liquids, and one protein shake daily two days before surgery.
C) No food, drinks, or tobacco 12 hours before surgery.

The reason you are advised to reduce the highest possible weight is:
• The more weight you succeed in losing prior to operation, the more weight you will eventually lose after surgery
• The lower your weight prior to surgery, the lower the risk of complications
• The sooner you can develop and sustain healthy dietary and exercise habits, the likelier you are to maintain them after the surgery, slipping into old habits means you will regain weight.

Performing Lap Band Surgery
The lap band procedure is conducted in a laparoscopic fashion, taking between one and two hours. You will carry out the usual pre-surgery routine before operation, which involves:
• Removal of all clothes and jewelry
• Donning of the assigned hospital gown
• Meeting with both your anesthesiologist and nurse
• Starting your IV
• Receipt of relaxation and sleep medication

Two different techniques can be employed by your surgeon to place the band, namely:
• The Pars Flaccida Technique (PFT)
• The Perigastric Technique (PGT)

The Pars Flaccida technique (PFT) has been verified as safer by three different studies, resulting in lower rates of band slippage compared to The Perigastric Technique (PGT).

The Lap-Band surgeon will place a silicone rubber band around the top part of your stomach during surgery. A tube leading to a round port the size of half a dollar and located just below the skin connects to a balloon around the inner side of the silicone band. Through this port, your physician will either add or remove saline solution during the follow-up visits, making the band either tighter or looser. The looser the band, the more hungry you will feel and vice-versa. This band causes the top part of your stomach to fill up faster than usual, which will make your feel full a lot sooner, resulting in long-term weight loss.